18k Yellow Gold Ophidia Spiral Bead & Diamond Long Necklace

Sinuous and elongated lines lay delicately on the décolleté. This striking long necklace from the Ophidia collection is made of 18K yellow gold and white diamonds. Along the length of the chain a series of diamond-cut ogives emerge, alternating diamond-cut forms of 18K yellow gold and white diamonds. A unique jewel expressing all the elegance of a creation perfect for the most formal occasions.

Each jewel in the OPHIDIA collection is designed with a rich composition of ogives. Rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings all masterfully adorned with a snake scale surface. Ogiva is patented by Officina Bernardi.

Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
Diamonds: White (1.01 ctw)
Clasp Diamonds: White (0.01 ct)
Diamond-cut half spheres: 8mm Diameter
Diamond-cut ogives: 4mm Diameter
Designer: Officina Bernardi
Reference: 18G4OPHN

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Type: Necklaces