How To Take Care Of Your High-End Watch

July 18, 2018

How To Take Care Of Your High-End Watch

Want a timeless gift for your son, grandson, or even great-grandson one day?

A watch is the answer.

However, if you don’t maintain and take care of your high-end watch now, then there’s no chance your grandson or anyone else will get to enjoy it in the future. High-end watches are an investment, but with the proper upkeep, they can last a lifetime and then some.

Here at Altier Jewelers in Boca Raton, we’re dedicated to quality watches that look great and will last. We carry men’s luxury watch brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex, SevenFriday, and Breitling, so that you can have both exceptional style and design. Read our blog today for tips on taking care of your high-end watch so that you (and whomever you one day gift it to) can enjoy it for years to come.

Clean Often

This tip makes sense, right? Let’s go over how to take care of the different parts of the watch.

  • Leather strap. If you love the vintage look, comfort, and versatility of a watch with a leather strap, then you have a great responsibility to take care of it and keep it looking (and smelling) good! Use lukewarm water, some leather cleaner, and a white cloth to clean the inside and outside of the strap.
  • Metal strap. If that silver or gold watch really spoke to you in your local jewelry store but you’re not sure how to clean it, don’t worry. Water can cause the strap to rust, but carefully clean it with water and a cloth — through all of the metal’s gaps, links, and joints — and then dry completely to avoid rust.
  • Watch face. This is the part you really see every day, so you want it to be clean and shiny! Apply a small amount of polish with a polishing cloth and get it gleaming once more. You can even use a toothbrush to get collected dirt and grime out of any tiny crevasses or edges.


Avoid Harmful Items

This may seem like a no-brainer as well, but your timepieces will last much longer and look much better when you actively avoid these things.

  • Magnets. Magnets can actually negatively affect your watch’s timekeeping, so if you work with magnets often or are playing around with them then it’s advisable to keep your watch away. Don’t overreact though — no need to be stressed about refrigerator magnets.
  • Water. Pretty much everyone knows to keep their watches out of water. Most watches these days are water resistant, but be sure you know your timepiece’s limits so you don’t damage it inadvertently. Be especially wary if you have a crack on your watch face that could let condensation inside.
  • Extreme temperatures. Extremely hot or cold weather can actually warp your timepiece, shorten the battery life, or cause the time to be out of sync. Prolonged amounts of extreme sunlight can also fade the color on your watch.
  • Chemicals. This is obvious, right? But when you’re used to wearing your Patek Philippe watch day in and day out and then forget to take it off while using cleaning supplies, you might be in for an unwanted surprise. Avoid all chemicals interacting with your watch whenever possible, including cleaning supplies or cologne.
  • Scratches. Everyone inherently knows to avoid scratches, but they don’t necessarily think about how to accomplish that. Be proactive about taking it off whenever you’re doing something that could maybe cause a scratch or two, such as moving furniture, working in the yard, or playing sports. Keep the box it comes in and you’ll have a way to prevent scratches when you travel. 

Have It Serviced

You should get your watch serviced by professionals every few years just to fine-tune things and keep everything functioning properly. If you have a mechanical watch, shoot for every two to three years and if you have a quartz watch, shoot for every three to four years.

You can also get it repaired by trained watchmakers who know what they’re doing. Don’t ever try to open your timepiece by yourself and sit down with a YouTube tutorial. At Altier Jewelers, we have on-site, Swiss-trained watchmakers who are certified to work on your watches and get them working like new again — no matter what watch repair service you’re in need of.  

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to enjoy your high-end watch for years to come. Men’s luxury watch brands aren’t exempt from accidents. By following these tips and working with our watchmakers, though, you can ensure durability that will last a lifetime. And remember — it’s never a bad idea to actually read the manual that comes with your high-end watch. Whether you need watch repair or you’re shopping for a timepiece, we can’t wait to help you. Contact Altier Jewelers today!